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The bonded phenyl functional group provides for the added selectivity due to the electron dense aromatic ring. Offers higher retention of aromatic hydrophobic compounds over aliphatic bonded groups.





Part  Weight Volume Qty/Pkg
SYPH50 50mg 1.0ml 100
SYPH100 100mg 1.0ml 100
SYPH200 200mg 3.0ml 50
SYPH500 500mg 6.0ml 50

Oro-Sep Reversed Phases



Part  Size Qty./Pkg
CRPH300-50 300mg 50 
CRPH300-100 300mg 100

SuPErscreen Disc - SPE Column

Reversed Phases

Catalog  Description Qty./Pkg
SYPH1CC Phenyl Disc SPE 1ml Column 100
SYPH3CC Phenyl Disc SPE 3ml Column 100

OmniSorb SPE Plates


Part  Packed Bed Size
OMNPH-25 25mg
OMNPH-50 50mg

Orochem 2000 Sorbent filled SPE plate


Catalog  Description Qty/Pk
OC21PH-25 25mg/well PH 1
OC21PH-50 50mg/well PH 1
OC21PH-100 100mg/well PH 1
OC25PH-25 25mg/well PH 5
OC25PH-50 50mg/well PH 5
OC25PH-100 100mg/well PH 5

LRC-Large Reservoir Capacity Cartridges

Part No. Packed Bed Size Volume/ Well Qty/Pkg
SYPH100-10LR 100 mg 10 ml 50
SYPH500-10LR 500 mg 10 ml 50


SuPErscreen Disc 96-Well Plate

Part No. Volume/ Well Qty/Pkg
OMNDS1PH 1 ml 1
OMNDS5PH 1 ml 5
OMNDS10PH 1 ml 10





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